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FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 1:30am EST
have something brown on your nose you might want to look at. [ laughter ] >> i'm in the awkward position of agreeing, agreeing with rick and agreeing with nancy pelosi, that is hard for me to do. it's hard we do these things at the last minute, we don't make great decisions, but i don't have any faith it will be different in six months from now. we have stressful decisions will be made but i don't see it changing in this administration or congress. >> what will change, if we take your advice and kick it down six months, what is going to change? >> a lot is going to change in terms of how the economy is looking and around the world. a weakening economy. not since the 19 30s have so many governments raised taxes in the face of declining economy. it's putting more poison into the patient. republicans can do a lot of good proposals, companies have $1.7 trillion of cash over overseas. welcome home tax on that. bring in an extra $50-60 billion revenue. a lot of positive things can be done instead of putting on taxes. >>> france, italy, the united kingdom, even greece is raising its ta
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1